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Our Services


Globe Regal’s management team is headed by result-driven professionals with an unrivalled record of customer and client satisfaction. They have been actively involved with every aspect of yacht ownership across the globe, with experience in the construction and brokerage of commercial and private vessels. Years of building and researching to owner specification, as well as training the best crews manning a wide variety of ships and yachts have given our management team true real-life experience in the field. 

The Globe Regal Yacht Management team are able to provide a very extensive array of services.

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The Globe Regal Yacht Management team are able to provide a very extensive array of services, including:

  •  Estimation of costs, in coordination with the Owner and the captain of the Vessel. Control of the budget and analysis of its deviations.
  • Contracting of insurance policies and management of insurance claims.
  • Logistics management for the sourcing and transport of spare parts.
  • Contracting of supplies (telephone, satellite TV, etc.).
  • Management and coordination of crew hiring.
  • Coordination of the transport of the crew to/from the Vessel.
  • Forwarding of the correspondence and packages.
  • Organization of the necessary inspections according to the law of the flag of the Vessel, in coordination with the Owner and the captain.
  • Logistic support and advice in all utilization aspects of the Vessel.
  • Organization, in coordination with the Owner and the captain, of any work that the Vessel would need.
  • Handling of medical insurances.
  • Organization of crew supplies.
  • Day to day management of the operation of “THE YACHT”
  • Arrangements for the provision and engagement of Captain, Officers and Ratings (The Crew); handling of matters of wages; labour relations and of discipline.
  • Arrangements for the maintenance of THE YACHT in a good state
  • Arrangements for the accounts of the complete operation of THE YACHT. Documented by accounting sheets and vouchers provided to THE OWNER monthly.
  • Arrangements for the supply of and contracting for, spares, stores and lubricants for safe and efficient operation of THE YACHT.
  • Providing Professional Assistance and Advice to THE OWNER and the Captain (e.g. insurances, rules & regulations, maintenance, dockyards and legal matters.)
  • ISM and ISPS Management including the provisioning of a Safety Manual, ISM Forms and Procedures and introduction to the Crew.
  • Regular Audits of THE YACHT by a Designated Person
  • To ensure operational readiness of THE YACHT
  • 24/7 hotline in the case of emergencies


As well as liaising with the owners and captains of the ships we manage, maritime managers work with the various other members of the management department (including the DPA, technical manager, accounts manager, crew manager etc) to oversee various functions. These functions include (but are not limited to) operational management; technical management; crew administration; certification; insurance; finance; International Safety Management (ISM) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Codes (or Mini ISM); and participate in the 24-hour emergency response team of the company. We also work with charter managers, shipyards and designers as necessary.